LilyPad Arduino, 2007

LilyPad is a set of electronic pieces designed to be sewn to fabric in order to build soft, interactive textiles. The set of electronic modules–including a small programmable computer called a LilyPad Arduino and an assortment of other components like sensors, lights, and motors–can be stitched together with conductive thread to create dynamic and interactive garments and accessories. LilyPad was designed and developed by Leah Buechley, the director of the MIT Media Lab High/Low Tech Research Group and SparkFun Electronics. The ProtoSnap is an all-in-one circuit board containing a pre-wired Lilypad Arduino (with attached components) that comes ready for experimenting and prototyping. Once coding is finished, the parts easily snap apart for use in a permanent project. LilyPad ProtoSnap (pictured) is available at

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